Makeup Goodies from Benefit Cosmetics

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Makeup is a staple thing in my life. I seriously look like a blank canvass when I'm not wearing any makeup. I was a freshman in college when I have learned the makeup basics for everyday wear. It is tad difficult for a first timer, but it's easy once you get the hang out it. 

But hey, I'm not a pro... I'm still learning. I can't even do that perfect cateye wing using my liquid eyeliner from K-Palette. Haha. But, it won't stop me from buying more makeup products 'cause I know i'll be as good as my favorite celebrity MUA, Xeng Zulueta someday. Haha! 

Anyway, here's my FIRST ever make up goodies from Benefit Cosmetics. 

  Operation Pore-proof

I'm excited to roadtest my Operation Pore-proof kit from Benefit Cosmetics. Hopefully, I'd be able to make a short review real soon. 

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