Hair Color and Treatment at Mars Hair and Salon Starmall Alabang

11:36 PM Grace de Guzman 0 Comments

Today is salon day for me. After getting my police clearance, I headed to Mars Hair and Salon-Starmall Alabang right away to get my hair professionally colored. I personally prefer getting my hair colored professionally when I have the budget because whenever I dye my hair myself, it fades out easily and I never get the full coverage and results that I really wanted. 

Ricky is my favorite hairstylist in Mars Hair and Salon, Starmall Alabang. He is professional and he really knows what he's doing. Good thing he's here today to get my much needed hair fix. Initially, I wanted a hair color with 15-foil highlights but Ricky told me that it's not ideal for a rebonded hair so I just opted to have the Matrix color (red brown) with colorlast treatment. I went for a red brown color this time for a change. 

     Here's the result after almost 2 hours of waiting... 

I love my new hair color. It isn't too loud compared to my previous hair color. Job well done, Ricky! 

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