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Short and sparse eyelashes have been my problem ever since. Gladly, there is such thing as eyelash extensions. Lavish Lashes Studio is my go-to place whenever I wanted to prettify my eyelashes. It's a bit expensive but definitely a bang for the buck. 

I discovered Lavish Lashes Studio through a beauty slash health and wellness blog online. Her pictures showing off her eyelash extensions were very persuasive so I didn't think twice of giving it a try. And I am just glad I did! 

I have been a regular client of Lavish Lashes Studio in Festival Mall-Alabang for almost two years now. I always go for the softer and natural looking FANCY eyelash extensions (P550). You can choose the length and thickness of your eyelash extensions but if you're in doubt of what would suit you best, better ask your technician about it. 

        (Fancy look eyelash extensions) 

You can also go for a glamour look (P800), extra glamour look (P1000), lavish look (P1250) or ultra-lavish look (P1600). It really depends on you and your budget but in my humble opinion, going for a fancy look is the best option especially for first-timers. By the way, if you happen to drop by at Lavish Lashes Studio in Festival Mall, just go and look for Lerma. She's the best eyelash technician in that branch.

After-Care Instructions: 

Avoid getting your lashes wet within the first 24 hours. 

Avoid swimming, steam bath or sauna for the first 2 days. 

Do not pick, pull or rub your extensions.

Avoid oil-based eye products and waterproof mascara.

Use cotton swab to remove make-up around the eye area. 

Do not use eyelash curler, perm or tint your extensions. 

If you experience any signs of irritations, you may be allergic to the extensions and need to have them removed.

We recommend touch-up every 2-3 weeks. 

Lavish Lashes Studio Branches: 
The Block, Quezon City
SM Megamall 
Festival Mall Alabang
Marquee Mall Pampanga 
Market Market

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