MAC Rebel

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As much as I wanted to cut corners, I can't. Makeup is a staple thing in my life. I have pale skin and I seriously need a red/pink blush on or lipstick to brighten up my face. 

MAC Rebel is a plum lipstick that is flattering on all skin tones. Just like my HG classic red lipstick, MAC Ruby Woo, it has the magical power to brighten up my pale skin in an instant. 

But unlike Ruby Woo which is known to have very matte texture, Rebel has a creamy consistency that glides smoothly on lips. However, as I have very dry lips, it tends to be a bit drying --- tolerable though. I need to apply a lip balm to keep my lips moisturized before applying this lipstick. 

  As you can see, it looks very pigmented even with just a swipe of this lipstick. 

The longevity is just as good as Ruby Woo and it doesn't leave uneven patches when it wears off. The color clearly looks darker in the tube than on skin, so it's something that you could definitely wear everyday, especially if you don't have the gumption to wear dark lipstick shades. 

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