Montego Bay Club Laced Mandals

1:45 AM Grace de Guzman 0 Comments

I remember owning a few pairs of Birkenstock sandals wayback. Every person I know owns one even my dad who doesn't know anything about fashion. Haha. Honestly, it wasn't that comfortable to wear. I just bought a few pairs 'cause it was a fashion trend that time. But, it became an outdated fashion item after a year or so. 

Now, I'm seeing a resurgence from the past. Mandals are SO back! I've got this pair of Montego Bay Club laced mandals at Payless for P900+. It's surprisingly comfy to wear. It doesn't give me a hard time when strolling or taking long walks. I'm just a bit concern with its color and fabric though. But the SA told me that I can clean it with a soft-bristled brush. 

There were other cute designs when I purchased this pair but this one just stood out from the rest. It's unique and it goes well with my everyday getup. How I wish they'd have this in black or grey. It would be perfect for people like me who is always on the go. 

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