Polyvore Application on my iPod

12:19 AM Grace de Guzman 0 Comments

Polyvore is one of the many fascinating mobile applications on my iPod that serves as my guide when it comes to fashion and home improvement ideas. I just love getting new concepts on how to improve my ho-hum skills in styling my everyday outfits. It's quite erratic for me to follow the latest fashion trends and when I do, I always see to it that it's a bang for my buck. 

At the drop of a hat, I have become a real Polyvore fiend, because I can mix and match items and create a look that I'd like to achieve for a certain occasion or event without a hitch. For example, the outfit above is my idea for a beach getaway.

A white t-shirt would always be an impeccable choice when packing for an escape. Then just throw in some shorts, sandals and hat in your luggage and you're good to go. For sun protection, don't forget to bring your sunblock and favorite pair of sunnies with you. 

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